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suspects in a shooting, we will tell you what prompted that and show you the video. >> new information about a teen killed by a deputy, what a second deputy is telling investigators about the moment of that deadly shooting. >> plus it could be a game changer for facebook, the troubled company facebook may be looking to buy, all ja laid on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> welcome back, thank you for joining us, ktvu heading down to the south bay where there is a major new development in the case of that nightclub shooting and janine de la vega is there, this is campbell and we have video to show you that, so we will get to that in just a moment. it is wednesday, october 30th, i am pam cook. >> middle of the week, brand new day, good morning, i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic.
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are you going to say boo to steve when he talks about the forecast? >> i am happy. >> okay. >> this one is good. rather cold. 30s and 40s, no frost advisories, patchy fog north bay, 38 santa ross, a 37 napa, 41 half moon bay, 46 san jose, low 40s as well, san francisco 49 degrees, go for a high of 61 after yesterday's 60. 59, 60, 61, last three days. slowly warming up, 25, 2 bits in tahoe and those are your temperatures, that is splitting part, i know it is cold, but high temperatures warming up a little bit which means 60s, here is tara. >> thanks, steve, we do have a 5 car crash in berkeley this morning on 80 westbound at the
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university avenue exit, let's take a live look at the east shore freeway, see the headlights where it is bunched up, you can see people have their flashers on there so hopefully this accident will clear soon but it is causing delays. at the bay bridge toll plaza no delays yet so that is good news, still early obviously, those lights should be going on in the next 45 minutes or so if monday or tuesday are any indicator of what is to come. all right, near fremont, 680 at the sanol grade traffic is looking good in both directions, 5:02, back to the desk. >> a roadway re-opened after being shut down for hours after a crash. christien kafton live out there with the details. this may be alcohol related. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, that is what the chp are tell inch us, it happened after 7:00 and killed one person and
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sent three others to the hospital. investigators say 25-year-old dammadisar chandra was driving and passed some other cars and that is when it happened, it crossed into oncoming traffic and a toyota coming that way hit it. a passenger in the car was killed, the people in the other car were flown to a hospital and he was taken to a hospital as well and they do believe or are investigating at this time whether or not he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. >> the driver of the jaguar is being investigated for potentially driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol at this time. >> law enforcement received grants to enforce, that the
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bulk of the money will go to petaluma police who will manage the campaign here and that is certainly good news, especially coming up on the holiday when there will be a lot of people and a lot of children out trick or treating out on those streets, for now live here, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> there is a new development in the case of the shooting there. janine de la vega is there this morning where police have released video of the suspects. janine. >> reporter: pam, cameras here at the spot nightclub captured video of all four suspects entering, before this shooting took place, one of them opened fire here before all of them sped off in cars. now, here is the video, right after the man in the cowboy hat enters you see a man with dark hair and a goatee enterand look around the club, he is in the center of the screen, then the second suspect walks in and looks down at his wallet then starts talking to the first
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suspect. the third suspect is a man who walks in wearing camouflage pants and tatoos covering his arms and the back of his right hand, the 4th suspect is the asian female next to him. police say on saturday morning just before 2:00 a male bouncer was shot by one of the suspects when the security guard asked the group to turn down loud music coming from their car in the parking lot. a security guard not related to this club gave us his reaction this morning. >> i am not shocked you know it is a part of the job just to expect the unexpected. i mean you know crazier things have happened you know all the time. i mean you just have to be prepared for anything. >> the victim is 33 years old and is recovering from a single gunshot wound in the hospital. the suspects fled in two cars,
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one is a dark colored 1990s chevrolet camaro and the other a light colored car, let seen heading there. if you recognize the suspects police would like to hear from you. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2news. >> police have made an arrest after a shooting last night at a motel. police rushed there last night. a woman was shot in the face, we are told she is in serious but stable condition, no details about the person arrested but police will say the suspect is an adult. oakland police searching for a car and the people inside linked to a carjacking. police say a woman was kidnapped at 46th and gad and adline and forced to drive there and take out money, then
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let out there and they took off in her car, now police say the car, a 1999 ford winder star, the license plate there 4-v-0-u- 399 i-if you have information call police. >> new information about the shooting death of andy lopez in santa rosa, he was shot to death by a sheriff's department while he was holding a bb gun that resembled an assault weapon, investigators say the teenager was already mortarrally wounded by the time a second deputy got into position, the office says that explains why only one deputy fired shots at the teenager, that has been one of the big questions surrounding this case, meantime last night
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hundreds went to his funeral. family members were overcome with grief as they prayed there. they had the support. >> it was sad, my mom didn't know him and started crying and my lady, even if you knew him or not. >> i guess they are safe with these cops around they are supposed too be out here protecting the servant -- >> last night's funeral followed another day of protest there. earlier in the day a thousand people marched to the sheriff's office protesting the lopez shooting, deputies stood guard behind barricades and even on the roof. the rally started at noon and grew larger every hour. police say the huge crowds remained peaceful throughout the entire demonstration. yet another protest and rally is scheduled in santa rosa this evening. tonight he will hold a town
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hall meeting to talk about that, he wants to hear about the shooting there. police say they were forced to open fire on him after he beat and shot another person at chestnut and pierce streets. now at last check the suspect is in critical condition. this evening's town meeting starts at 6:15. it will be at the marina middle school on philmore street. >> a man who disappeared while talking a walk has been found dead three miles from his home. police found the body of scottie morris near skyline boulevard and 280 in hillsborough yesterday afternoon. they say the 79-year-old man apparently collapsed during his daily walk, one day earlier. now there are no signs of foul play. morris was a successful businessman who was occasional mentioned in herb cane's number column in the 1990s. a state senate committee is launching an investigation into cost overruns and delays in building the new bay bridge. the contra costa times reports
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lawmakers want to know why it took 11 years to build the bridge at a cost of 6.4 billion dollars. engineers originally estimated crux would cost 1 phone pour billion and take 4 years, the state senate plans to use subpoena powers if necessary to complete the investigation. >> 5:09, new this morning authorities have found two huge pieces of construction equipment recently stolen. we received this photo shortly after the two excavators were found in the city of byron, returned to the construction company last night. someone stole that equipment last week from a construction site on marsh creek road in contra costa county, they cost more than 100,000 dollars apiece. now the chp is expected to tell us more about how they were found later on this morning. police in san jose searching now for the thieves
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who stole 70,000 dollars worth of laptop computers and ipads from an elementary school, officials at river glen elementary school discovered the break in monday, 31 laptops and ipads were stolen, teachers say losing that equipment will make it hard to give standardized tests, which are supposed to be performed on computers this year. >> add facebook to the growing list of silicon valley companies interested in buying blackberry, according to the wall street journal they met to discuss a possible bid. other parties interested include sysco, google and john scully. >> 5:11, a bizarre tragedy, one that has stunned the nation, the new twist in the case of a patient found dead in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. >> plus what health and human
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services secretary kathleen sebelius will tell republicans who are calling for her resignation at a hearing this morning. >> and we have a five car crash in berkeley along the -- this is a look at it here, see pretty tied up on the east shore freeway near university off-ramp, more straight ahead. >> well temperatures are cold although the frost advisory has been cancelled, sunny today but not much warmer, we will have your forecast coming --
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now is 5:14, police say six people were shot to death at a home in greenwood county south carolina after a domestic dispute, swat teams found the bodies of four adults and two children after entering the home last night, the shooter is believed to be one of the people who are dead. police say the gunman called 911 to say he was thinking about hurting himself before that shooting. >> time is now 5:15, a lot of republicans want her to resign and in just about an hour from now health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will face some pretty tough questions about a government's website kyla campbell is there to tell us what to expect the hearing. >> reporter: dave this is a copy of her prepared testimony, the majority of it focuses on the benefits of the act, only
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two pages address the problems people have been having. lawmakers get their chance next hour to ask her when she knew it was in trouble and if she knew before the launch why the administration told congress and americans that everything was ready to go. she has apologized for the rocky rock out of health, they say they are working and the clock and improving. some have demanded that but republicans have gone further, demanding she step down, both sides will take advantage of the spotlight today. >> some of it will be legitimate points of view, questions being asked, but there is going to be a lot of political theater there too. >> even more trouble for the web site last night, maintenance kept customers from submitting new applications, this afternoon the president is heading to boston where he will promote the website but again that hearing for her gets underway in 45 minutes i will by watching live and check back
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in with with you with the latest developments at 6:15, live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> today if you get social security benefits you will find out how much your payments will go up next year, the annual cost of living adjustment is expected to be 1.5%, that would make it one of the smallest increases since automatic adjustments were adopted in 1975, the cost of living announcement had been scheduled for two weeks ago but was delayed by the government shut down. >> a los angeles sheriff's deputy says her phone charger saved her life. a charger in a deputy's pocket deflected a bullet during a shootout yesterday morning in englewood, two other deputies were hurt in that gun battle. >> she had the charging wire that you would charge a cell phone with, the tab that inserts into the phone, the bullet struck that. >> deputies say shots were fired during a traffic stop and they returned fire, killing the
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suspect. now, this is the second story like this, if you missed our story yesterday, a gas station clerk in florida says his cell phone saved his life after he was shot in the chest during a robbery monday morning, the clerk had no idea he was shot until he felt pain in his chest, when police removed the phone they found the bullet lodged inside. the clerk has some bruceing but is expected to fully recover. >> 5:17, chp and a south bay car dealership teaming up to make halloween safer for them. they say kids are twice as likely to be involved in an accident on halloween. so they are handing out tips and treats for kids and their parents starting at 3:00 this afternoon. they also remind children use the sidewalks, walk in groups and pay attention to the traffic rules when you go out
5:19 am
trick or treating. you would second that wouldn't you? >> yes. you are reminding me what i typically go out and do and tara does the same, get the glow necklaces or sticks. >> already targeted them. they are great and these little wrist things and put them around their necks and that is a good idea with traffic and speaking of that an accident in berkeley in the clearing stages, most of the cars moved over here but still a fall out from this 5 car crash you can if we pan kind of back a little bit we are pulling out here and you can see kind of looks like a parking lot, these cars are just sort of inching past the scene here so hopefully everything will be cleared soon but one lane right now is blocked so the repercussions of that are -- it is backed up for a quarter of a mile. the golden gate bridge
5:20 am
looking great, south bay 280 at the 880 split, still dark but those are headlights, over to steve. >> thank you very much and mostly clear out there. let me get ahead of myself here. i will tell you the 10 or 15 day outlooks for november are wet, wet, wet, so we will see if this materializes but things could be going very dry to very wet if these forecast projects are right and remarkably in sync three days in a row so let's see if that holds for those of you who e-mail me say what is going on, that is what is going on, today it is cold and patchy, mostly clear and warmer today but we are running out of day late. fog santa rosa, by that i mean the lengths are colder and hard to rebound, santa rosa 66 for a
5:21 am
high, fog there and clear skies and clearing out there although still cloud around reno, maybe light sprinkles but the low moved into the rockies giving them snow as well, 37 napa, santa rosa, low 40s, half moon bay, 50 oakland, 46 there and a chill, otherwise sunshine today, temperatures bumping up and cold out there, sun, though, patchy fog north bay, cool to mild on the high temperatures. again i mean it is tough to warm up now. we will get 60s here, again these are soft 68s, vacaville and clear lake, petaluma 63, centerfield 65, walnut creek 67, same for those everyone really close, low 60s alabama immediate da, berkeley, 67 san jose, morgan hill, sara saratoga, and those places have
5:22 am
your temperatures, bc and pacific at 59 and half moon bay at 68, it looks great for halloween but again once that sun sets that temperature will head right on down, warmer thursday into friday, top it off friday, saturday will be okay then cooler and breezy on sunday. >> later the federal reserve will announce if it will continue its economic stimulus plan, most economists say they won't scale back their 85 billion dollar a month bond buying prom. there will be one change this month, he will not hold a news conference after the meeting but the fed will issue a statement at 11:00 a.m. our time. international gin visiter confidence is up as they also anticipate for change from the fed. hong kong's hang seng closed up 2%, japan and china gained more than 1% overnight, all the european markets are starting with agains as well, taking a look at our futures and what they indicate, after a pretty good day yesterday dow jones
5:23 am
gaining 100 points nasdaq and s s&p up as well, the futures indicate a good opening as well. >> a storm caused a car crashings that was bad enough but wait until you hear what they saw. >> it was amazing. i gave up all hope of seeing it. >> a stolen super bowl ring back with its owner, how it was recovered more than 20 years later. use chase freedom at
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welcome back, 5:25, a can of soda may cost you more money in san francisco. san francisco supervisor scott wiener wants to put a two cent were ounce tax on sodas and sugary drinkings he says they are linked to a rice in obesity and diabetes, eric mar will introduce a similar measure in two weeks. >> a hall of fame football player just got back one of his profit prized possessions a- super bowl ring, wide receiver lance alworth won the super bowl with the cowboys but it was stolen, a woman called him while offering to sell the ring back to him, he called the sheriff's department tracked the ring to an auction next
5:27 am
month. >> all of a sudden i had the ring back and it is like wow, you know you don't know how to react to be honest other than to say thank you for the work they did to to get it. >> the people claimed they got it from someone unable to pay back a loan, the district attorney has the case and will decide whether to pursue charges against them. >> 5:27, cheating at the toll bridge, a story you will only see here, more than a million people are going through not paying a dime, how they are doing it and why it is so hard to catch them. >> a deadly accident in sonoma county, we will tell you why investigators believe alcohol may have been involved. >> and we will give you an update on the accident in the berkeley emeryville area, still impacting traffic.
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good morning, welcome back, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news, this is live pictures from campbell, the camera zooming in there, we have new information about a shooting that took place there, the police investigation. we have a reporter there, you will get a live report in moments. welcome back, the the middle of the week, wednesday, october 30th, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook, chilly, let's see if it gets warmer.
5:31 am
>> pam, dave a little bit, yeah, it is getting late, days much much shorter but warmer today with more sunshine for sure, patchy low clouds around but 30s napa, santa rosa, a lot of low 40s and i am sure they will cool off more because of clear skies, san francisco two days ago 59, yesterday 60, so today, 61, yes, after a 49 cool low, i have seen 40s on part, of the coast under clear skies, ukia 41, checking in with a 39, 25 in tahoe, clears out there, cold morning, for us it is cold but we are soft, patchy fog, cool there, 60s, here is tara. >> all right, well someone fell asleep at the wheel according to chp, looks like the driver of a pickup truck in milpitas,
5:32 am
he hit the guardrail and they are trying to clear that. here is 880, head lights are southbound cars driving by the coliseum, in lafayette, highway 24 the traffic on the right- hand-side westbound forward the caldecott tunnel, typically sluggish, 5:31, back to the desk. >> a deadly crash in sonoma county, the chp says the driver may have been under the influence. christien kafton joins us now, highway 121 with more on the crash that also injured a child and there is a county wide crack down on drink driving there. >> reporter: yeah, that is the good news out of this, is that there will be a crack down on drunk driving, they just got new funds here, the bad news of course this terrible deadly accident along 121, 1 person killed three injured, one of those a 5-year-old girl, the
5:33 am
highway patrol says he was driving a 1997 jaguar south along 121 and witnesses say he crotioned crossed the center line and that is when the collision occurred, a toyota coming in the opposite direction hit it head on, a passenger was killed, no word on his identity, a man and girl in the toyota also injured, that 5-year-old girl flown to oakland children's hospital with what are being called major injuries. he was taken to an area hospital as well, chp investigators say they are looking into whether or not he was intoxicated at the time of the accident. they say he again veered into oncoming lanes. >> this collision occurred as the jaguar lost control traveled from the shoulder of the southbound lane across the north bound lane.
5:34 am
>> now law enforcement received a series of grants to step up driving enforcement, the bulk will go to petaluma police who will manage the anti-drunk driving campaign here. this just in time for halloween. last week a highway patrol officer told me it ranks up there as one of the major parties of the year and that can be a dangerous combination, we will continue to monitor this and look into the background of the driver of that car, we are doing research right now trying to find out what we can about past criminal history, for now live in sonoma county, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a ktvu investigation founds more than a million people every year pay no money as they go through tot booths and 1 way is to use temporary cardboard
5:35 am
license plates, they are stolen off car cars and can't by traced, every month they go through and that is millions in lost revenue. >> those folks that are using the toll bridges and not paying for that crossing put a greater onus on those of us who do pay tolls. >> the transportation commission wants to change the state law to require all cars to have license plates before they leave the car dealer's lot. a proposal under consideration would require car dealers to print and install them with numbers that would be entered into the database. >> police in campbell need your help to solve a shooting at a nightclub and hope video from that night will help track down the suspects. a security guard was wounded and janine de la vega joins us now from campbell to tell us about the case and show us the video. >> reporter: pam, the shooting
5:36 am
happened here at the spot nightclub on orchard city drive around the corner from the main drag in popular downtown campbell, cameras here captured the suspects walking in. here it is, him walk in and look around, he is in the center, then the second walks in and looks down at that and starts talking to the first suspect. the third suspect is a man who walks in wearing camouflage pants and tatoos. this 4th suspect is the asian female next to him. police say on saturday morning just before 2:00 a male security guard was shot by one of the suspects when he asked the group to turn down loud music coming from their car in the parking lot. we spoke to a security guard unrelated to the club this morning who told us he feels campbell is known as being a
5:37 am
safe family friendly city. >> i lived here for you all 24 years of my life and it is a great place to live in you know nice, friendly, people always saying hi to each other walking down the street. >> for this to happen -- >> it is a little bit surprising in temperatures of that, yeah. >> the victim is 33 years old and that bouncer is recovering from a single gunshot wound at the hospital. the suspects fled in two cars, one a dark colored camaro, the other was a later model sedan light in color, last seen heading east on orchard city drive, police would like you to call them if you recognize any of the four suspects in that video that we showed you, reporting live from campbell, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> in marin county today jurors will resume deliberations in the trial of a man accuse of attempted murder in the theft
5:38 am
of a sports car. he is prosecuted as an adult even though he was arrested when he was 17, charged with shooting at a girl and her boyfriend last year, prosecutors say he propelled into a car dealer and stole a 200,000 dollar lamborghini owned by a television chef. >> officials at the 49ers's new stadium want to hire current and retired law enforcement officers for part-time jobs 120 people will be hired for the security team at home games for concerts and super bowl 50, working with santa clara police officers assigned to big events. by the way they pay 55 dollars an hour, officers hired will have to go through a background check. the san jose city council is concerning two proposals to try to keep new officers from leaving the police department.
5:39 am
the one plan will require them to pay back part of the train in costs if they leave within 5 years, a second proposal calls for the academy to charge tuition and offer recruits a zero interest loan, they would pay back the loans of recruits who stay with the department. >> the truth is we need more office evers and no matter how hard they work there is no substitute for having more officers on the street. >> the police departments in oakland, hayward and los angeles already have these. council members say it can cost 170,000 dollars to recruit and train each one. >> an accident happened there, they report he was playing on a
5:40 am
balcony but fell and had injuries. there is a new twist in that case. the body of lynn spaulding was found earlier this month nearly three weeks after she disappeared from her hospital room. now police say they can't find the man who reported seeing her body several days before it was found. that man was apparently wearing a hospital badge. he informed a supervisor who contacted hospital security, but it apparently took four more days then for spalding's body to be recovered. the man police are looking for is described as asian, 5'8," with a medium build between 30 and 40, wearing a blue dress shirt, hospital identification and possibly a tie. according to the san francisco chronicle the sheriff's deputies assigned to the hospital earned some of the highest amounts of overtime in the city. deputies say a quarter of the deputies and officers assigned
5:41 am
on the 24 hour basis at the hospital are on overtime, in some cases overtime is adding about 80,000 dollars to their annual salary. >> time is now 5:40. we have new details about the owners of an assisted living home in castro valley. it was shut down by the state because of charges of unsafe and unsanitary conditions. the owners, the manuel family, also have a care facility in modesto. the california department of social services has brought in independent investigators to examine that nursing home for and possible mistreatment of patients. >> -- contractors to come in and assess the residents and also to determine if there is adequate levels of care and supervision being provided. >> officials say if the state finds violations they can file a temporary suspension order at any time against that facility in modesto. later this afternoon the alameda county sheriff's office and fire officials will hold a
5:42 am
news conference and talk about their investigation into the care facility in castro valley. the state is examining how 19 patients were abandoned for more than two days last week. the state is blaming that facility for not transferring the patients after the nursing home was ordered to close. an organization for senior citizens is suing the state of california, the foundation adding the elderly is accusing state regulators of endangering nursing home patients by taking months if not years to investigate complaints against care facilities, this group says the nursing home industry is not afrayed of regulators because they are lax in their responsibilities. the state says it cannot comment on any pending litigation. >> new this morning the government just released how much social security will increase next year. the annual cost of living adjustment is 1.5%, that makes it one of the smallest increases since automatic
5:43 am
adjustments were adopted back in 1975. cost of living announcement was scheduled for two weeks ago but was delayed because of the government shut down. >> all right, pat, time now 5:42, bold thieves stole huge pieces of construction equipment, how the search to get that equipment back ended in the east bay. >> plus the steps one community bank is taking to make its neighborhood safer. >> we do have traffic out there, things starting to pick up at the toll plaza and along the east shore freeway. this earlier accident still causing a nightmare. >> little cold for some out there. 30s and 40s, it will be sunny and warmer today, how much warmer plus can we hold that into the weekend. on my right is the new dodge durango
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would you look at this, a killer dust storm in arizona left three people dead, 12 others hurt in a chain reaction crash? this happened monday north over tucson? at least 19 cars were involved, one person was pinned between two big rigs, others say they were wedged under big rigs. police say this is the worst chain reaction crash they have seen in the past 7 years. meantime a search goes on to morning in the gold country looking for a miss in miner from san jose, here is his photo, 65-year-old walter steveer disappeared a week ago, rescuers are worried because the terrain is rugged and greating colder too. search teams have been searching near nevada city. they found his car monday but there have been no other signs of him, 100 people and police dogs and horses are searching for him.
5:47 am
>> we have been on the brink of rain, it is getting cold, that is a huge concern. >> there is one thing he does know the area and owns a mining claim to a 120 acre property. >> a delegation will meet with white house officials today to discuss the recent revelations the u.s. spied on european leaders. the european parliament civil liberties committee has in washington since monday and already met with officials from the state department and various intelligence agencies, president obama has ordered a review of intelligence gathering programs following the reports of data collection and eve dropping on allies by the national security agency. lawmakers also meeting on capitol hill today to discuss ways to ease the effects of automatic spending cuts on the military, democrats want to lessen the effects on schools but republicans are focusing on
5:48 am
the pentagon. >> 5:47, oakland's chinatown area may feel safer after a local businessman signed a contract to bringing private patrols for at least a year. henry cang says he didn't want to wait for the city or police to make his part of oakland feel safer. he won't say what it is costing him but he says it is a necessary step. >> there is certainly a perception that oakland is not as safe as it could be or should be, and china town is located in oakland. >> the city's records show crime increases after 5:00 p.m. so the private security company will be out on the streets at various times but will increase patrols during the early evening hours. >> 5:48 is the time. the morning commute has certainly had a lot of problems, starting to get busy out there. >> for the past two days we have seen lights at the bay bridge go on around this time
5:49 am
and that is kind of early. i will predict it happens again. let's take a look, see the back up here getting into san francisco so maybe get a jump start here. the worse congestion is behind the toll plaza approaching the macarthur maze, an earlier five car crash, looks like they just cleared one of the lanes they had been blocking. you can see how far these headlights go back, definitely a nightmare on the east shore freeway. right around the university and arby exits in emeryville and berkeley. in the south bay traffic not too bad. usually brake lights here on 237 westbound towards sunnyvale but not too bad at this hour, 5:49, let's check in with my man steve. >> thank you. all right, good morning, everybody, cold out there, frost advisory cancelled though, too much moisture, patchy fog, not enough dry air, sunny today after we get cranked up here but it is cold for some, 30s, 40s, fog, cold,
5:50 am
mostly clear, sunny, warmer today, not a lot, patchy fog, santa rosa, 30s, go for a high of 66 after a low of 37, so i mean again days shorter, angle of sun lower, tough to warm up unless we get a wind and that is not happening. san jose not 676 degrees yesterday, now yesterday they were 686 so today cooler, it will by 66 there after a cool 46. all right. here we government that woke you up i am sure. mostly clear skies, sierra nevada clearing over after snow, cloudies around reno and that snow is moving there giving snow to the rockies and points north, 30s and 40s there, couple of 30s there, 45 in san jose and that is
5:51 am
livermore, clear skies for most, cool to mild on the high temperatures, sun not bad, shade cool, so one of those patterns, 60s on the temperatures, low, mid to upper, not that big of a spread, alameda 61, antioch 67, livermore in that, castro valley, walnut creek, you get the idea every within close, 50s, 60s, mid-60s peninsula, halloween looks great, night warmer by the way but the nights temperatures drops fast, warmer thursday and friday, mostly sunny saturday, we is the our clocks back, my michigan coming out, our back, you set your clocks back on sunday so you get another hour's sleep. >> fall back, another hour, we will take it, a new report shows this morning private sector employment slowed, payroll processor says employers added 130,000 jobs in october, most analysts expecting 20,000 new jobs, many use the report as a guideline
5:52 am
for the u.s. labor department's monthly report on public and private sector jobs, the government's october monthly report comes out next week. adobe systems says the security breach it reported was bigger than it said. they report hackers obtained information on 38 million customer accounts, the cyber attackers stole part of the source code to its edit software used by professional photographers. barnes and noble shifting focus from tablets to a new e book reader, the nook glow light will be available there. that is the same but is lighter, it comes without ads on that and the company admits it tablets have not sold well. >> time now 5:52, as bay area kids get ready to go trick or treating how to keep them safe as they go door to door, what
5:53 am
police are doing to keep sex offends away from those kids but why some complain the police tactics are not fair to sex offenders. >> a sad story, the police search for the man who stole a san jose woman's heart and then stole all her money.
5:54 am
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warning drivers to keep their valuables out of sight after a wave of break-ins, police say they are up 34%, thieves are looking for electronics,. >> they just don't break into one car a day, they break into like 10 cars at a time, so you know there may be a whole block where cars are broke in. >> parking garages are popular targets for them and stowing valuables in the trunk may not always help, they sometimes pose as attendants and watch. new cameras are helping them fight their reputation, they can scan license plates and if it comes up stolen they can alert police and crime is
5:57 am
down since then. >> police are searching for a man who stole a victim's heart and her money. in january a woman named cat met a man who -- and she fell in love with him and within three weeks they were married, what she doesn't know is her new husband james mcintosh, jr. was on the web side under several names, including michael reid, the said she gave him money and her checking account, within two weeks al of her life savings were gone. >> he got married to me and stole 5 43,000 dollars and i have no idea where he is at. >> well you have heard her story, if you have any information about him get in contact with san jose police. >> we have new information butte now coming up next in our 6:00 hour on that deadly overnight crash in sonoma that also injured a child, where the crash happened and what police
5:58 am
are telling us about who may have caused it. >> plus has facebook put a bull's eye on blackberry? could a financial merger be in the future. >> traffic looking okay there. more coming up. 30s and 40s, sunny today but not much warmer plus can we hold sunshine and clear conditions into the weekend? take a look at it. [ male announcer ] it is more than just a new car...
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6:00 am
a suspected deadly drunk driving accident here in sonoma county, we will tell you what law enforcement is doing to combat drunk driving. >> live in san francisco where police are looking for a key witness who may have seen her days before her body was found in a stairwell, we will tell you how the public can help coming up. new information on a deadly shooting, the answers to one of the big

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